Orthopaedy and Traumatology. Osteosynthesis

Devices of external fixation of Kostyuk

 for osteosynthesis of long bones


    The most thorny problem in traumatology is medical treatment of the opened, gunshot fractures and victims with a polytrauma. On   Ukraine for medical treatment of the such victims is used a new technology, which in world literature got the name of minimal invasive osteosynthesis, in the basis of which are used application devices of external fixation.

   As a rule, the osteosynthesis devices of external fixation is carried out without surgical access to fracture, and way fixings fragments by rods or spokes. Thus soft tissues are as much as possible kept, is not broken makro- and microcirculation of an injured segment, possibility of functional full value of anatomic structures of the injured extremity is kept.

   Our devices allow to treat successfully difficult fractures at complex trauma and multiple fractures (gunshot and open), even at presence of major defects of soft tissues and a bone.

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The enterprise specializes on development and production: 

- original rod reposition fixation devices of various standard sizes;

- five models of external fixator;

- devices for the set introduction of rods;

- devices for initial immobilization various segments with an opportunity of transition on final immobilization;

- accessories to an osteosynthesis (screws, plates, etc.) including for children's orthopaedy traumatology.

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That is the of principle difference of our devices is that the external support has the correct geometrical form as a rectangular frame, and rods and threaded rods on which fasten rod-holders, have a metric screw-thread and are fastened by nuts. If necessary, rods and rod-holders can be moved in interperpendicular planes on necessary size which allows to correct position of fragments to within shares of mm. 

As against all other devices of external fixation in our devices reduction of fracture takes place without soft-tissue injury of a segment, because rods do not come forward for opposite cortical bone more than on 1-2 mm and approach to a bone in the areas of the least of soft tissues.    


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